EXPERIENTIAL Learning Programs

Experiential Learning which is also known as Service-Learning is an educational approach which combines learning objectives with community organizations and addresses a variety of social, economic, environmental and health challenges faced by the community. The projects aim to alleviate poverty, promote human rights, empower communities and promote cross-cultural understandings as well as broadening one’s global outlook.

Immersion Africa’s Experiential Learning programs are active processes which aim to engage the learner. The programs provide a platform for the student to extract concepts and data and apply them to hands-on tasks. Reflection is encouraged as it is an integral component of the experiential learning process. Students incorporate concrete experiences with abstract concepts, and then reflect on the outcome.
The learning occurs in groups and thus
students learn to work more effectively together. This ensures a meaningful cultural exchange and helps in transforming students into global citizens.

Conservation BASED Service-LEARNING

Environmental conservation

Students will work alongside their host community to examine and implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

Animal conservation

Students will work alongside their host community to examine and safeguard endangered wild animal species and their habitats.


Community Development

The main objective is to alleviate unemployment through small business assistance and community development. 

Community Sports

The aim is to work with educators and community members to support development through sports.

Home Based Care

The home based care volunteers work with patients to ensure access to treatment and support.

Preschool Educational Support

These projects aim to provide support, care and love to children in disadvantaged communities.

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