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Animal Conservation

Faculty-Led programs

When the snail travels abroad, it finds
shelter with the tortoise
– South African Proverb

Immersion Africa’s animal conservation faculty led programs aim to protect endangered wild animal species, along with their habitats. Across the continent of Africa there are animal conservationists working to identify species that are in need of help and protecting them. This often involves keeping animals in captivity until they have a safe place to live in the wild.

Sadly, many species have become extinct over time and many more are now endangered, therefore it’s essential that we find ways to protect them and conserve their natural habitats in order for them to be around for future generations. Help remove invasive species and create a haven for wildlife to thrive in.

In our animal conservation faculty led projects, students will work alongside their host community on different hands-on projects. It’s a great learning experience that gives students a broadened global outlook and heightened cross-cultural sensitivities.


South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda

Learning outcome

Other conservation based programs

Environmental conservation

Students will work alongside their host community to examine and implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

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