Conservation BASED Service-LEARNING

Immersion Africa’s conservation faculty-led programs involve environmental and animal conservation efforts. Our environments are constantly changing through both naturally occurring elements and influence from people. Naturally occurring change is managed by the earth’s ecosystems, while changes caused by humans often have negative and irreversible effects on our environment.

These devastating changes cause species to become extinct and landscapes destroyed, thus causing a growing number of people to find viable solutions to conserve our existing resources and stop the current trend of destruction. Our conservation faculty-led programs aim to educate students theoretically and practically and to assist in vital conservation within the area. This work is essential to provide a safe environment for people and animals alike whilst supporting a balanced ecosystems.

Conservation BASED Service-LEARNING programs

Environmental Conservation

Students will work alongside their host community to examine and implement environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.


Students will work alongside their host community to examine and safeguard endangered wild animal species and their habitats.

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