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Promoting Intercultural Dialogue

At Immersion Africa, we believe the key purpose of travel is to build social relationships and seize opportunities to learn and grow. Travel provides a chance to truly engage in learning, develop new skills, and discover cultures different from our own. Our educational Faculty-Led programs bring students closer to themselves and others by challenging their perspectives and encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones. 

Our purpose is to share the spirit of Ubuntu. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness, “You are because I am”. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.

Why partner with immersion africa

Customized programs

All of our programs are uniquely customized to suit the expectations and desired learning outcomes proposed by institutions to match course syllabuses. With the help of our experienced Program Coordinators, you and your students are mere steps away from experiencing the true spirit of Ubuntu.

We are connected

We take pride in the close relationships we have built with partners over the years that make all of our programs sustainable, ethical, and authentic.

Community Development

We partner with social impact organizations running community-led projects driven by local needs. These projects aim to alleviate poverty, promote human rights, empower communities and ensure an enduring legacy in an ethical way for present and future generations to come.

Booking & Logistics

We handle all bookings and travel logistics for you. Choose one of our existing programs or let one of our experienced team members curate a customized program to suit your specific needs!

Passionate Team

Our team is passionate about education abroad and serving as a catalyst for intercultural-awareness through active dialogue and experiential learning. Our experience ensures your trip is well thought out so that you make the most of what our beautiful continent has to offer.

Sustainable Travel

We involve our communities in the decisions that affect their lives by improving working conditions and increasing access to the tourism industry. We aim to increase cultural-awareness between travelers and hosts, while simultaneously minimizing the potential negative social, economic, and environmental impacts tourism can have.

Why education through Faculty-Led?


Connect in a meaningful way with individuals and communities from all spectrums of society. 

Unique Experience

With our team our local experts, experience unique and personal insights into African societies and cultures as well as historical and modern political realities.


Achieve heightened self-awareness, professional development and improved cross-cultural

Expanded Worldview

Broaden your global outlook, framework of beliefs, values and understandings.

Our FAculty-led programs Destinations

Tanzania – Botswana – Lesotho – Uganda – Zimbabwe – Namibia – South Africa

Faculty-Led programs
Faculty-Led programs
Faculty-Led programs
Faculty-Led programs

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With our support, you can create the ultimate tailored educational experience. We handle all the logistics to help bring your dream to reality while keeping in mind the desired expected learning goals for your trip abroad.

We have designed 4 different stages to help us get to know you better.