Environmental Conservation

Faculty-Led programs

The earth is not ours, it is a treasure we hold
in trust for future generations
– South African Proverb

Immersion Africa’s environmental conservation faculty led programs deals with the environment being used in a way that is sustainable. By using the environment sustainably, it won’t be permanently destroyed, meaning we can go on benefiting from it responsibly for years to come. Naturally, environmental conservation comes in many different forms, as there are a number of areas to cover, from recycling waste, to cleaning the beaches of plastic, to replanting trees and removing invasive species and educating visitors and locals to ensure conservation becomes a way of life.

In our environmental conservation faculty led projects, students will work alongside their host community on various hands-on projects. It’s a great learning experience which gives students a broadened global outlook and heightened cross-cultural sensitivities.


South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda

Learning outcome

Other conservation based programs

Animal conservation

Students will work alongside their host community to examine and safeguard endangered wild animal species and their habitats.

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