Intercultural learning

Preschool Educational Support

This intercultural learning program aims to provide support, care and love to the children in communities which face many challenges daily. Students play an important role, whether it be teaching, mealtime, playtime or simply loving and interacting with the kids.

Through participation in this intercultural learning program, students will have to learn, plan and reflect. This process will assist students in developing in areas such as ethical reflection, critical and creative thinking, leadership and respectful communication amongst others.


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Botswana

Learning outcome

From little date seeds, great
things are born
– Namibian Proverb

Other community based service learning programs

Community Development

The main objective is to alleviate unemployment through small business assistance and community development.

Community Sports

The aim is to work with educators and community members to support development through sports.

Home Based Care

The home based care volunteers work with patients to ensure access to treatment and support.

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