Immersion Africa’s community-based learning programs are designed in a manner which integrates community service and academic study to enrich the students educational experience. We recognize that all communities have intrinsic educational assets and resources which are valuable ways for educators to enhance the concepts being taught to students.

The programs are designed to connect the students to personal, first-hand experiences and familiar yet accessible examples. Students who participate in community-based programs will find themselves immersed in the local communities. Many local communities have diverse problems such as poverty, child neglect, alcohol abuse and high unemployment rates, among others. Our community-based learning programs encourage the students to step outside of the conventional classroom and step into the communities where faculty and the students are able to apply their knowledge, whilst making progressive change.

The programs place further emphasis on reciprocal learning and reflection, students are actively encouraged to participate in reflection sessions through journaling and dialogue. Reflection gives the student an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and examine their observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and then create meaning for themselves. The experience ensures a meaningful cultural exchange and helps in transforming students into global citizens equipped to meet the demands of the future.


Preschool Educational Support

These projects aim to provide support, care and love to children in disadvantaged communities.

Community Sports

The aim is to work with educators and community members to support development through sports.

Home Based Care

The home based care volunteers work with patients to ensure access treatment and support.

Community Development

The main objective is to alleviate unemployment through small business assistance and community development.

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